10 Best Fundrise Alternatives: Accredited & Non-Accredited Apps

If real estate investors want to know how to invest money in rental properties, office buildings, a real estate Growth REIT, Growth, income or other value-oriented investments outside the stock market, this list of Fundrise alternatives is for you.

FundRise allows you to choose investments in real estate portfolios or several properties in one investment. In theory, this diversifies your investment risk while providing you access to several properties simultaneously.

What is FundRise?


Yieldstreet is an alternative investment platform that provides you with income-generating opportunities. These investment opportunities come backed by collateral, typically have low stock market correlation, and span various asset classes. 



DiversyFund is a widely-known and trusted platform for people looking to invest in real estate. This service caters to individuals looking to invest in multifamily units like apartment buildings.



GROUNDFLOOR offers short-term, high-yield real estate debt investments to the general public. The service targets fix and flips, better known as fixer-uppers for short-term debt instruments ranging between 3-18 months in length.



Streitwise is a new era of real estate investing. With the capital raised by qualified investors, the company leverages the best-performing property investments into professionally designed portfolios.



RealtyMogul is an online real estate crowdfunding marketplace for real estate investing, namely commercial real estate and private real estate assets. The company caters to individuals seeing institutional quality real estate investments.


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