10 Best Things that Appreciate in Value

Appreciating assets are those which increase in value as you own them. This means they gain value at least at the same rate as inflation, otherwise they become depreciating assets. Ideally, you’d want these assets to grow in value faster than inflation to earn a “real” return.

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A safer way to build wealth comes from investing in reputable companies that have proven to provide high returns. People who did their due diligence in choosing the best stocks over the last decade or more have made major gains in these high-return investments.

Real Estate

Most types of real estate investments act as some of the most popular things that hold value over time. While the market fluctuates, real estate value historically goes up as time passes.


Land appreciates in value based on two classic dynamics seen in economics: constrained supply (they’re not exactly building more land every day) and increasing supply. What you get in this scenario is increasing price.


Cryptocurrency statistics show they’ve come from non-existence to a collective market capitalization of nearly $2 trillion in the last 10 years.

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