14 Best Discount Brokers And Online Brokerage Accounts

The world of online brokerages has changed in the last decade. Discount brokers have become the norm with their basement busting pricing, while the full-service broker has become more of a rarity as a means for handling all your investment needs in one place.

This online discount broker allows you to trade on your smartphone, tablet or desktop, track your stocks and charges no commissions for the trades you make in your portfolio.

1. Webull

TradeStation is one of the best online discount brokers for those needing a powerful stock trading platform.

2. TradeStation

SoFi Invest is an app that allows you to track and trade stocks. The service is the latest from the SoFi financial wellness platform and offers commission-free trades on stocks, ETFs, cryptos and more.

3. SoFi Invest

Public.com is another commission-free investment app that targets Millennials and Gen-Zers who have attuned their senses to social media. These age groups want to align their investing with their social preferences and keep good company to socialize and learn from others.

4. Public.com

Robo-advisors, which are almost exactly what they sound like, are automated investment managers who handle administrative investment actions on your behalf. Things like investing contributions, rebalancing your portfolio or making automated withdrawals.

5. M1 Finance

Axos Self-Directed Trading (SDT) offers no commission trading on US-listed equities—providing you with an easy-to-use platform and the tools you need to succeed.

6. Axos Self-Directed Trading

E-Trade has long been seen as a leading stock trading app for retail investors. E-Trade provides investors access to educational resources that assist you with conducting investment research and analysis and diversifying your portfolio.

7. E-Trade

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