35 Best Passive Income Ideas [Income Investments to Consider]

1. Alternative Investments

Investing in alternatives provides a potential host of benefits to your overall portfolio through diversification and different investment objectives. 

2. Rental Properties

In order to make passive income from investment, you can invest in rental properties.

3. Crowdsourced Real Estate Platforms

Thanks to the advent of fintech, or the use of technology to enhance and automate certain financial transactions and processes, many companies now offer the opportunity to invest in real estate with or without owning property.

4. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Investors can purchase REITs on the stock market just like they would any other company or equity. 

5. Invest in Farmland

Over the past several decades, farmland has consistently yielded returns over 10%; after all, the primary use for the land is food, and people will always need to eat.

6. Dividend Stocks

Stocks offer a passive way to make money because the income isn’t tied to any activity other than initially making the investment. Investing in dividend stocks or ETFs represent a surefire form of passive income investing.

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