6 Best Investing Apps for College Students to Start Investing

What are the Best Investment Apps for College Students?

When looking for the best investment apps for beginners, you will want to consider apps that offer a variety of investment options and allow you to track your stocks as you wish, research and read stock news and grow with your needs.


Public.com is the social investing app meant to mimic younger generations’ affinity for social media. The app allows you to follow investor influencers and share and like their trades.



The Webull investing app offers a variety of investing strategies including “Instant Orders.” This allows Webull users to make trades within seconds.



Acorns is an investing app for minors and young adults specifically designed for beginners who want to start investing in stocks. While helpful to introduce investing for kids, it also works beyond childhood.



The service offers investors the ability to create Portfolio Pies, or a diversified portfolio that rebalances to help you achieve your money goals and make progress towards a list of things to save up for down the line.

M1 Finance


Many parents love the investing app for kids because they can use a custodial account to begin investing even earlier than college.



Vanguard excels as a stock trading platform for college students when you wish to buy and sell Vanguard securities like index fund ETFs. You pay no commissions on their products like VTI or VTSAX or VFIAX.


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