Best Credit Cards for Kids: Building Credit & Money Habits Early

What is a Credit Card for Kids?

Kids can learn about money management through several means, though the best option is through modeled behavior. In other words, seeing you handle credit cards responsibly as an adult.

The most natural moment to place plastic in the hands of your children with their name on it is in high school when they’re beginning to develop independence, getting a driver’s license or spending time away from with friends.

Though, instead of credit cards for kids, start them off with debit cards for kids and teens that withdraw money directly from the prepaid card balance or from the associated bank account.

A child will become familiar with the responsibility of carrying a card and not purchasing more than they can afford.

You can load it with weekly allowance payments, money from a summer or after-school job or even financial gifts they receive from friends and family.

After they show enough responsibility and they turn 18, you can move on to credit cards for kids.

Why Credit Cards for Kids Might Not Be the Best Option

Although children can get credit cards for kids early enough to build their credit, they can just as easily end up damaging it by using them irresponsibly.

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