Best Fundrise Alternatives

If real estate investors want to know how to invest money in rental properties, office buildings, a real estate Growth REIT, Growth, income or other value-oriented investments outside the stock market, this list of Fundrise alternatives is for you.

What is FundRise?

FundRise allows you to choose investments in real estate portfolios or several properties in one investment. In theory, this diversifies your investment risk while providing you access to several properties simultaneously.

1. YieldStreet

Best Fundrise Alternatives for Non-Accredited Investors

Yieldstreet is one such platform leading the charge to provide access to income-generating assets in several asset classes.

2. DiversyFund

The service targets properties they believe will appreciate with added investment after purchase. They renovate properties with a medium-term time horizon (~5 years) and look to flip them to other investors.


If you are interested in fixer-uppers but don’t have the personal expertise to select the right property, nor choose the best contractors for their value, you should consider GROUNDFLOOR.

4. Streitwise

Suppose you’re looking to generate passive income while conserving cash on hand. In that case, Streitwise provides the perfect opportunity for both accredited and non-accredited investors and offers one of the lowest fee structures around.

5. RealtyMogul

The company offers two private REITs for non-accredited investors and private placements (private real estate investments between two or more parties) for accredited investors.

6. Roofstock

The service caters to long-distance real estate investing, allowing landlords to live far away but still own the entire piece of residential real estate as a turnkey rental property.

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