Best Ways to Invest While a College Student

The earlier you invest, the more money you can make from the investments. Because of this, college is a great time to start investing. In addition to making more money by investing young, college students who invest also learn valuable financial skills.

Investing as a College Student  – What to Consider

When learning how to invest as a college student, you should have some guidelines in mind to invest. Take a look at the rules of thumb below when starting to invest money.

1. Risk is Your Friend

When you’re in college, it benefits you to have aggressive investments. The earlier you start investing, the riskier your investments can be.

2. Think Long-Term vs. Short-Term

You hold long-term investments for years or even decades. Short-term investments only stay in your portfolio for shorter periods—think months, not years. These help you to meet your financial goals quickly and without much risk.

3. Only Invest What You Can Afford

As soon as you have expenses and a source of money, you should create a budget. Look at your budget and calculate how much you can afford to invest each month.

4. Invest Early, Invest Often

You don’t need to wait until you’ve saved up a significant amount of money to start investing in stocks. Investment transactions used to be more expensive, but now your online brokerage account will likely charge you little to no fees for investing.

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