Ways to Stop Hemorrhaging Money

Once you start hemorrhaging money, it can be challenging to get your finances back in order. What once seemed like a controllable problem starts to feel like a helpless one.

People most commonly use the word “hemorrhaging” to describe blood releasing from a broken blood vessel. Hemorrhaging money means you’re losing substantial amounts of money or “bleeding” money.

What Does “Hemorrhaging Money” Mean?

The following list of money maladies, in isolation or aggregate, usually cause ongoing money hemorrhaging. Learn to identify them and then apply the information covered in the following section to stop.

What Causes You to Lose Money?


By learning to delay gratification, there might be a list of things to save up for that motivate you to work toward a goal but defer spending until you’ve earned it.

Lifestyle Inflation


The basic idea of financially “keeping up” with others is that people want to appear as if they have as much money as their peers, or even more.

Keeping Up with the Joneses


Everyone needs basic financial literacy and constructive money habits. For example, a family may be paying all of their bills on time and feel financially stable, but they don’t have an emergency fund.

Lacking Better Wealth Building Habits

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