How to Build Credit Without a Credit Card  [Boost Your Credit]


A secured credit card is a type of credit card that requires you to put down an upfront cash deposit, usually equaling the amount of your credit limit.

Secured Credit Card


A credit builder loan functions as a tool for people who have low or no credit history. They can use them to begin building up their credit scores by establishing a credit history.

Credit Builder Loan


The credit card company holds the person who signed up to be the primary account holder responsible for paying charges on their account.

Authorized User Status


By paying rent, utility bills, and rent, you also demonstrate your ability to manage other liabilities. Taken together, these added items can create a good credit score worth using when applying for a loan or credit card from a bank or credit union.

Alternate Payment History Appearing in Your Credit Report


Having a co-signer credit card works similar to carrying a joint brokerage account or bank account—you both have access to the funds.

Co-Signers on Credit Products

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