How to Get Free Stocks for Signing Up: 16 Apps w/Free Shares

How to Get Free Stocks for Signing Up

If you want to receive free stock from different brokers, you will need to meet certain criteria. Some choose to give investors free shares by simply opening an account while others require you to take certain actions like making a minimum deposit and making a trade.


The company offers a free stock trading app, as well as free trades of ETFs, options and cryptocurrencies through their mobile app or desktop site.

Webull (2 Free Stocks)


To get you started, the service offers a free $10 sign up bonus for making an initial deposit as well as the ability to gift free stock gifts (fractional shares) to referrals you make.  ($10 bonus)


By opening a Wealth account with SoFi Invest and depositing at least $100, you become eligible for a free sign-up bonus worth $5 – $1,000.

SoFi Invest  (1 Free Stock)


As an incentive to open your account with Groundfloor and begin investing, they offer a $50 bonus.  To receive your bonus, you will need to sign up through this link, connect your bank account to fund your account and deposit a minimum of $10.

Groundfloor  ($50 bonus)


As an incentive to make your first purchase on the platform, when you open your account with DiversyFund and begin investing, they offer a $50 Amazon gift card.

Diversy Fund  ($50 bonus)


To get you started, Unifimoney offers to deposit BTC into your account if you meet certain deposit minimums. The lowest deposit amount you can make within 30 days of account opening to get free BTC is $1,000.

Unifimoney  ($25 bonus)

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