I Appreciate You: What It Means & Why You Should Say It

If someone tells you they appreciate you, you know that it is a personal thing for them to say. It’s not something just said or done because society told them it needed to be done for one another- but rather a message the person values you for being in their life.

What Does  “I Appreciate You” Mean?

When someone says “I appreciate you” to another person in a sentence it is usually because they feel that person has done something good for them and deserves an outward recognition of thanks.

Does I Appreciate You Mean I Love You?

While seemingly simple to say these words, the power they convey can set you apart in the mind of others just for saying the phrase. Why? Because some of the hardest things to say are also the simplest. Many people choose not to say these words or don’t have the courage or sense of mind to communicate it to another.

You can say “I appreciate you” by saying: - “Thank you” - “I’m grateful for you” - “You’re amazing” - “You’ve really helped me out” - “You mean the world to me” - “I love you”

Examples of How to You Say “I Appreciate You”

How Do You Show Appreciation?

- Small gestures, like a thank you card or touching farewell letter to colleagues, flowers on your desk at work, etc. - A kind word or act said about you or others. - A thank you note written to someone for a favor.

How Do You Respond to Appreciation?

Responding to appreciation is a great way to show that you are thankful for all they do and how much it means. Show it openly and show it regularly to those you care about in your life.

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