Success is the Best Revenge…Or Is It?  [Why & Why Not]

It can happen to anyone: a rival besting you at work, a friend betraying your trust, an old bully getting the better of you. In the moment it happens, it’s easy to get angry and fire off some half-cocked response from the hip.

Is Success the Best Revenge?

Though, don’t let revenge alone be your motivation for achieving success. There are many great reasons to try your best and succeed, including but not limited to: - Making money - Being a good person and making the world better for others - Setting goals and feeling proud of yourself when you achieve them - Having meaning in this world again or finding it for the first time.

Is Forgiveness the Best Revenge?

Instead of success, perhaps forgiveness is the best revenge? This is because forgiveness is a way of accepting that you and others are human, and imperfect.

How Hard Work Makes You Successful

In order to be successful, you need a clear understanding that success isn’t easy. There will always be people who try and block your way on the road to getting what you want out of life-but this is only because they’re afraid or insecure about their own shortcomings.

What is Your Motivation for Being Successful?

By focusing on your motivation when dealing with adversity, you can rely on it as a wellspring of inner support. Doing so will make you happy in the long-run.

Successful People Look Forward

Successful people look forward. They ask themselves questions like: - How do I want to spend my time? - What kind of family would give me the most happiness? - What are some things to save up for? - And most importantly, who can I do these things with?

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