What are the Best Budgeting Apps for Couples to Grow Together?

It’s essential to review your joint income to get a full picture of your expenses, including both fixed costs (such as housing, utilities and car payments) and variable, easily forgotten expenses (such as dining out and clothing). 

Have a look at these best budgeting apps for couples to get a handle on your finances.

What are the Best Budgeting Apps for Couples?

One of the best features of Personal Capital’s app has to be its ability to aggregate all of your financial accounts in one place. As is often said, “knowledge is power.”

1. Personal Capital

Current makes your banking better, simpler and no-hassle. When you sign up for direct deposit with Current Premium, your funds get into your account early – as much as 2 days!

2. Current

If you are a couple, you may want to use Stash to invest money with regular automatic transfers or even “round up” purchases you make on a linked debit card like with Acorns.

3. Stash

Much like a joint bank account, this service allows you to manage your money together as a couple and stay on top of your finances.

4. Acorns

YNAB determines how much money you have, what your expenses are, and when your expenses need to be paid. It can track regular payments as well as budget for less frequent costs. This knowledge can assist couples take control of their monthly budgeting needs.

5. You Need a Budget

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