What are the Best Debit Cards for Under 18?

This is an article which talks about how old you need to be (whether you can get debit cards for under 18-year old’s) and what requirements there are for getting a debit card for kids.

How Old Do You Have to be to Get a Debit Card?

Typically, a child becomes eligible for a debit card when they turn 13 and their parent or legal guardian can open a joint checking account with a teen. That said, many banks, credit unions and online financial companies allow kids as young as 6 to get debit cards.

Do Banks Allow a Debit Card for Under 18 Year Old’s?

Yes, though it depends on the bank. As stated above, some require a parent or legal guardian to open a joint teen checking account for them both to have ownership over the account.

Where Can You Get Debit Cards for a Child?

Several banking institutions and online banking apps for minors offer you the ability to get a debit card for minors. 

1. Chase First Banking

Chase First BankingSM offers simple banking for both of you in one location: the Chase Mobile® App—for free. Manage all accounts with this mobile app and encounter no fees as well as find yourself able to withdraw money on 16,000 Chase ATMs around the country.

2. Greenlight

Greenlight provides parents control over where their kids can spend money by limiting the stores where their cards work. Parents can get alerts when money is spent on the Greenlight debit card and for how much.

3. goHenry

goHenry is one of the best debit cards for kids for customer service. They offer 24/7 phone availability, email access and social media engagement, ensuring users can solve their problems quickly and with little hassle.

4. Current

Current is a banking app designed for all families. The Current app allows you to track your teen’s spending in real-time, set limits on how much they can spend, and even block specific merchants.

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