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As a person whose work can be (and is) done entirely at home, it’s easy to see the appeal of a remote job. Job seekers who land remote work can save time and money by skipping daily commutes. They don’t need to pack meals or waste cash eating lunch out. And it makes quick tasks like letting the dog outside or accepting a delivery far easier.

The benefits of remote jobs are so wonderful that many job seekers are willing to take a pay cut to switch from in-person jobs to remote work. But having a remote job doesn’t mean you can’t be paid well.

In fact, sometimes you can be paid very well while working from the comfort of your home.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the highest-paying remote jobs available today. You’ll find that working from home doesn’t need to mean working for less. (And you just might find a remote job that’s a great fit for you or someone you know.)


Today’s Highest-Paying Remote Jobs

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While there are no rules or official data on which jobs can be done remotely, we’ve used common sense to filter out some occupations (chances are you can’t do steelmaking or pilot a passenger airplane from home). From there, we verified that any qualifying occupations had a large number of existing remote job openings based on postings on several major job-search websites.

Not only can these jobs be done working remotely, but you can also be paid handsomely for doing these roles. The annual mean wage for all occupations, according to May 2023 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), is $65,470. All of the high-paying remote jobs on this list have an annual average salary more than double that number.

Just remember: Employer preferences vary widely. While some companies offer fully remote opportunities for the following occupations, others might want these types of employees to show up to a physical workplace at least occasionally, if not full time.

All of the annual mean wages are from the May 2023 National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates provided by the BLS. The jobs are in order from the lowest to the highest-paying remote jobs.

10. Compensation and Benefits Managers

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  • 2023 mean annual wage: $150,940
  • 2023 employment: 18,690

Compensation and benefits managers handle everything involved with paying employees, from organizing the pay and benefits structure to choosing insurance brokers and investment managers to preparing a program budget. (Just note that this job title excludes job analysis and description managers, which are instead included in the employment category of human resources managers.)

This typically is a full-time position. Also, some compensation and benefit managers might work more than 40 hours per week, particularly during their organization’s benefits enrollment period. The average salary for this type of work is $150,940, based on BLS data.

Considering breaking into the field? These workers often need a bachelor’s degree in human resources, business, or a related field. Previous work experience is necessary and prior to becoming a compensation and benefits manager, an individual often works as a compensation, benefits, and job analysis specialist.

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9. Advertising and Promotions Managers

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  • 2023 mean annual wage: $152,620
  • 2023 employment: 20,630

A product won’t sell if nobody knows about it. And that’s where advertising and promotions managers come in. These employees plan, prepare and produce promotional materials, which can involve coordinating with numerous departments; conferring with department heads about contracts, advertising media, and products to be advertised; and inspecting and editing advertising copy, designs, or videos.

This is usually a full-time position—one that, per BLS data, pays a mean annual wage of more than $150,000.

Most advertising and promotions managers are expected to have earned a bachelor’s degree, but some positions don’t have this requirement. You can’t come in completely green, though; work-related experience and/or skills are usually necessary to land these roles.

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8. Human Resources Managers

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  • 2023 mean annual wage: $154,740
  • 2023 employment: 200,600

Human resources (HR) managers handle many of the administrative needs of a business, such as finding, interviewing, and ultimately hiring new staff. The task many people know the HR department best for is mediating disputes. But they also sometimes take part in strategic planning, coordinate work of specialists and support, and advise other managers about HR issues.

Although this role may involve employee benefit programs, this employment category excludes managers whose main role is handling compensation and benefits.

Most of these managers work full time and complete their tasks during standard business hours, though some may work extra hours. In return, they earn a mean annual wage of $154,740.

It’s standard for these employees to need a bachelor’s degree, which may be in human resources or a related field, such as business or communications. For some positions, a master’s degree in human resources, business administration, or labor relations might be necessary.

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7. Computer and Information Research Scientists

computer information research scientist occupation
  • 2023 mean annual wage: $157,160
  • 2023 employment: 35,210

The role of computer and information research scientists is much more complex than information technology (IT) support. These workers conduct research on fundamental computer and information science and create solutions to issues in the field of computer software and hardware. They can determine a business’s or organization’s computing needs and system requirements. And they might even develop new software or computing languages to improve how their org works with computers.

This is typically a full-time position that earns a mean annual wage of $157,160, per BLS data.

But if you don’t enjoy higher education, this probably isn’t the job for you. You often need a master’s degree or higher for this role. An exception: A bachelor’s degree might be sufficient for some roles within the federal government. Those who work in a specialized field, such as biomedical applications, might also need field-specific knowledge.

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6. Sales Managers

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  • 2023 mean annual wage: $157,610
  • 2023 employment: 575,880

Sales managers ensure a product or service reaches the intended customers. They do so by establishing sales territories, quotas, and goals. Other tasks can include creating training programs for sales representatives, analyzing sales statistics, preparing budgets, determining pricing, and even resolving customer complaints.

Usually, a sales manager works full time, and it’s common to work additional hours in the evening or over the weekend. BLS data puts the mean annual wage for this profession at $157,610.

While it’s common for employers to request a bachelor’s degree for this role, some positions might only require a high school diploma. However, to stand out, prospective workers should consider taking some courses in management, business law, finance, mathematics, or marketing. Typically, a minimum of one to five years of sales experience is desired, too.

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5. Public Relations Managers

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  • 2023 mean annual wage: $159,420
  • 2023 employment: 72,760

A popular saying goes, “All publicity is good publicity.” Well, many public relations managers probably disagree with that assessment. Above all else, a public relations manager focuses on helping an organization or client maintain a positive reputation. A few of the ways a worker might carry out that goal are by assigning and reviewing the activities of public relations staff, creating promotional materials, and developing crisis communication plans.

Public relations managers frequently work over 40 hours per week and might need to work non-standard work hours if there is an important event or an emergency arises. But, they’re at least compensated well for the flexibility: The mean annual wage in exchange for this type of work is $159,420, per BLS data.

Most of these occupations require a bachelor’s degree, but not all do. Either way, previous experience, knowledge, or related skills are often necessary.

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4. Marketing Managers

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  • 2023 mean annual wage: $166,410
  • 2023 employment: 368,940

Marketing managers are often responsible for a wide range of tasks. These workers may have to develop pricing strategies, create or evaluate marketing strategies, and coordinate product promotions, among other tasks.

While most marketing managers work a standard full-time schedule, they may need to start work early or finish late for conference calls or finishing up urgent projects. But their mean annual wage is more than $100,000 over the annual mean wage for all occupations, according to BLS data.

Often, these positions require applicants to hold a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, business, or a similar field, though not every position considers this necessary. Workers should have a high amount of marketing expertise and applicable skill sets.

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3. Architectural and Engineering Managers

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  • 2023 mean annual wage: $172,290
  • 2023 employment: 207,800

Within their respective fields of engineering, architecture, or the research and development of those fields, you’ll find architectural and engineering managers. These managers handle planning and coordinating activities. They may also be responsible for determining staff, training, and equipment needs, hiring and supervising staff, and proposing program and project budgets. (The BLS also notes that natural sciences managers are excluded from this employment category.)

These managers are typically full-time employees and often work extra hours, particularly when there are deadlines to meet. According to BLS data, the mean annual wage for architectural and engineering managers is $172,290.

Anyone interested in this type of work should be prepared for math-heavy coursework. It’s common to require at least a bachelor’s degree in architecture or engineering. Engineering programs usually take four years, while architecture ones tend to take five years. Also, some of these managers must complete a master’s degree either prior to the role or while working as a manager.

Besides the education requirements, companies frequently also expect prospective employees to have a considerable amount of work experience as an architect or engineer.

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2. Financial Managers

investor reviewing financial information
  • 2023 mean annual wage: $174,820
  • 2023 employment: 787,340

Financial managers make sure an organization’s health is financially sound through planning, coordinating, and directing financial activities. These employees communicate frequently with top executives and departments that develop data they need for analysis, ensure legal compliance of financial reporting, and analyze market trends to maximize sales and earnings. (BLS notes that this type of employment doesn’t include financial risk specialists.)

Typically, this is a full-time job, and some managers work over 40 hours per week. Workers are paid well for their time, though; BLS data puts the mean annual wage at $174,820.

Usually, financial managers need to have a bachelor’s degree. At least five years of experience in another business or financial job, such as a financial analyst or accountant, is often necessary as well.

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1. Computer and Information Systems Managers

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  • 2023 mean annual wage: $180,720
  • 2023 employment: 592,600

Computer and information systems managers, commonly referred to as information technology (IT) managers or IT project managers,  come from several different types of fields, such as information systems, electronic data processing, systems analysis, and computer programming.

While these workers must be knowledgeable within their fields, they aren’t always directly doing that work, but rather directing the activities of other employees. They’re also typically in charge of other high-level tasks, such as assessing costs and benefits of new projects, planning installation and maintenance of technology systems, negotiating with vendors, and determining personnel needs. Note that “computer occupations” is a separate employment categorization.

This job is usually around 40 hours per week, but if there are issues, employees may have to work additional hours until a solution is determined. But they’re rewarded with the highest pay on this list of remote workers, at $180,720, per BLS data.

You’re unlikely to stumble into this type of employment—it takes preparation. Usually, a bachelor’s degree in computer or information science is necessary and often these managers also have a graduate degree. In addition to educational requirements, related work experience is needed.



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